This past Sunday was All-church sharing, or as we are calling it now, “God at Work” Sunday. We love these so much! They are a distinctive of our church fellowship, and we encourage you to share your “God at work” story the next time we have one of these special worship services (which, by the way, will be in April).

Two songs we sang are worth noting. The first was brand-new to us. Here’s a YouTube link so you can hear it in its original context. We’ll be singing it again this Sunday.


The other song which might not be as familiar to all is “All Glory Be to Christ.” This was written several years ago by one of the worship pastors for Mars Hill Church. The story goes that he wanted to claim that all-too-familiar song, “Auld Lang Syne”, and use its familiar melody to lift a song of praise and dedication to Jesus as the new year begins. This is how we are coming to sing it at SHBC. We sing it the last Sunday of the old year and the first Sunday of the new. So, we’ll be singing it this Sunday as well. May you be blessed as you reflect on how God blessed you and sustained you in 2017, and may you look forward with joyful anticipation for how He will continue to lead and guide you in 2018.

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