False Teachers are known by these traits

As we continue our study of the book of Jude, pastor John Underhill continues instructing us on how to identify false teachers. These traits or characteristics are drawn right from the text, in verses 8 to 11.

Markers of False Teachers

  1. They teach their own subjective thoughts, not God’s objective truth
  2. Jesus and the Bible are considered secondary authority
  3. They don’t understand spiritual realities
  4. Their main concern is their own satisfaction
  5. They come to God on their own terms, in their own way
  6. They exploit their followers
  7. They disregard God’s chosen leaders

Warnings aren’t fun, but they are necessary

The warnings of Jude concerning God’s judgement of false teachers are not always easy to hear. But they are necessary for our protection. Pray that God gives us open ears to hear and open hearts to respond.




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