At South Hill Bible Church, it is our desire to foster the ministries and activities that develop spiritual transformation of the SHBC community. (WIN, BUILD)

  1. Recovery Discipleship – encouragement and accountability to stand against sin and addiction. (eg. Food, Substance, Sexual Sin, etc.)
  2. Child & Youth Leadership Development – providing leadership opportunities for children and teens. Possibly vocational coaching for teens and young adults.
  3. Mentorship Opportunities – facilitating mentoring relationships for all ages. (eg. Titus 2…older women mentoring younger women is already going on.)
  4. Fellowship Group Program Expansion – continue to develop and support small group fellowship. (Both dedicated fellowship groups and ministry team small groups.)
  5. Connections Ministry – guiding guests from first visit to the deepest parts of church life. (eg. Guest Connection, Visitation, Follow-up Cards, etc.)
  6. Church Communication – improve how communication is provided (eg. Quarterly Updates)
  7. Security Ministry – peaceful preparedness for the possibility of danger to people at our facility.
  8. Ministry Staff Expansion – possibly adding additional ministry staff to develop and recruit for these discipleship growth opportunities.

If you are interested in participating in one of these ministries or starting a new ministry, please contact us.

CALL (509) 838-2242