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Welcome to South Hill Bible Church located on Spokane, Washington’s South Hill! We believe that there are four things that make us unique and distinct as a church. First we are a Bible church. We stand uncompromisingly for the unchanging, inspired Word of God. Second, we are non-denominational church. We are governed by Elders from amongst the congregation who lead as the Holy Spirit directs. Third, we are an evangelical church. We are firmly-grounded in the essentials of historic Christian doctrine. Moreover, we are evangelistic and missionary in spirit, endeavoring to propagate the truth of God and practice it. Finally, we are a community church. It is our strong desire to have an active ministry in and to our community and city.

Here at South Hill Bible Church, we strive to be culturally relevant while faithful to God’s Word. We believe that you’ll find our convergent worship-style tasteful, encouraging and (most importantly) worshipful and honoring of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are available to you for prayer, counseling and other ministries rendered in Christ’s name and for His glory. Please feel free to call us any time at (509) 838-2242 if we can be of service to you! May God richly bless you in your search for a church home.

We hope that you will visit us again!

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